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A Primitive Dawn
we all three
are early in life
this earth,
you and i
are still waking
still getting used
to the bigs
and smalls
of one another
the unusuals
casual nuances
formal declarations
the balance
of our cadence
we each inhale
the other's
we inhale
each other's
health and death
our eyes still closed
stirring dreams
slow down
this primitive dawn
light still soft
and distant
wakes this earth
of you and i
our souls press
imprint this history
our shapes
into the sadness
love and joy
of this earth
earths before
and earths after
this you and i
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 3 2
If Only That There Jesus
A child's song
pulls me in
and I want to
rewind to
the before
and if i'd
taken up writing
in those days-
i wonder what wonders
would have poured out
before the skulls
drinks and drugs
before the arrogance
and cynicism set in
what wonders would
my days and nights
and hopeful-headed
life had been
had that there
jesus stepped down
to tell me...
That contradiction
occurs naturally
within consciousness
and is often
one of the many
costs of freedom.
If only that jesus
had stepped down
to tell me that
the love we all want
isn't usually
where we like to
-or tend to-
look for it
and that love is
no accident,
and that it's
most often
found in places
that tend to find us.
And to tell me
that love- over all
is the engine
of the soul
that hardship, burden
and injustice
depression, guilt and
are some of the many
costs of freedom
and love.
And over these years
i've come to understand
or more accurately,
to reconcile
that the wolves
i tied to the
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 15 12
Hungry As We Are Willing
      lord (host)
      soul streaming
            zvxtfjd  fkkkkkd  
[buffer overrun...
                 please wait
                 for reconnect]
                 for this mad cluster (to stop)
                 squeezing (these)
                   sad sectors
                   so (buried) we're
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 17 24
Turn the Words Off
even when i
turn the words off
my mind is
still vulnerable to image
and can barely stay put
i just sing it away
no words
all pictures
just sing it off the
sandy seaside cliffs
and the rocks
that wait
to catch it below
are god's hands
his mercifully open
patient and salty
stone hands
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 7 6
The Dead Driver and the Art of Recovery
i use
art as a vehicle
to hit, run
and return
my inner addict
to the field
where i picked him
i reach over
open his door
unlatch his belt
and plant
a stiff kick
in his side
and i slip over
into the passenger seat
and close the door
it brushes
the pile of
sprawled bodies
and (eventually)
one of them rises
limps over
gets in
and drives
(hit play)
and i
am born
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 10 17
Bounce the Needle
I write
to interrupt
your rhythm
and breath
to somehow
bounce the needle
out of the groove
we're cutting here
And I write
to sicken
your system
to cut the
red wire
and yank out
the rest
quiet now,
we're cutting here
now stop
and kick
we're cutting here
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 23 17
Break Down Together
Hello cruel words
i remember the taste
you left on my lips
and the damage
you left in my life
and the father
you left in hell
waiting for me
to kill
there was a
he and i
that couldn't even
speak our own names
and look at us now
lighting each other
on fire
each clinging
to the throat
of the other
you and i hold on
for salvation
we break down together
and i know
your story, your lives
your father clinging
to the throat,
of a son
he'd rather kill
than love
i've been infinite
while dying for
a rest, a pause
to age in the arms
of eternity
yet our black fuel
only rots, ferments
like savage years,
years of war
above and below
these ghostly skies
our blood rushes
from one end
of the world
to the other
so many times
that i can't count
my head from feet
nor my breath
from silence
and we both know
that one of us
will sleep forever
and one of us knows
when this night is over
that it
will not
be me
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 4 0
Our Weight and Ropes
Your life, little flower
sprung out
like a snake
from a can
lungs not ready
you hit the air
it hit you
violently in
whole systems
months too early
this life on earth
and its lightning
hit and burnt
everything, as
nothing about you
was anywhere near
ready enough
and ever so luckily
your wings were
slow to form too
as it was all
we could do
our weight
and ropes
were barely enough
to keep you
from floating away
but eventually
your wings
pulled back inside
and years later
we're the ones
still learning
to breathe
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 102 59
They say the stars
nestled in their cold
black hearts are
impossible to count.
on the summer nights
when I wake thinking
of your name, I push
open the dust-rimmed
window to trace
your letters across the
night sky.
In this
your syllables
taste like blackberries
against my lips,
and for every
falling light that
leaves stardust
on my bedside table
I wish this:
that your wandering soul
might follow the stars
to navigate oceans
back to the galaxies
that form in the crevices
of my smile, paper folds
in the origami creased
for moments at the corners
of my eyes.
I wish
for the way
these connected dots
might somehow spell
my name for you.
:iconstormsandswallows:StormsAndSwallows 5 3
The ending of efflorescence
I met death
at my doorstep,
invited him in
and poured us two
cups of coffee,
strong black,
the way he liked it.
Afterwards I
returned to the garden
you left me, overrun
with weeds and
the flowers I couldn't
bear to uproot; I had been
uprooted once and I knew
we would never grow the
same way again. Black-eyed
susans and forget-me-nots
sporadic in the grasses
you left untrimmed but
I guess it's my fault now,
six feet under is a difficult place
to tend to the plants when
the sun is so far away.
Before he left I gathered
a bouquet of your blue-ribbon
buttercups and tied them with
twine I found on
your dresser, scrawled
I love you
on a scrap of brown paper
and tucked it within the stems,
handed the bundle over
and told him to mention
that the dog is gone, too.
:iconstormsandswallows:StormsAndSwallows 4 6
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I will give you paradise
I’ll build you a heaven
A field                                                    with            more     flowers
                                                        Than           lie        on              a
A thousand blooms   basking
In afternoon sun
The               h  
:icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 8 22
The violence of healing
Turbid blood begins to flitter.
Free it from the narrow
            vessels. Let it scatter
                      like sparrows.
Let them flit, let them twitter,
      all the chimeras in whose talons they squeak.
Reach into my mouldering chest,
  run a claw
        down  my ribs,
          the ribbons of rust from its cage.
Blow the bud
       of my heartbeat to blossom,
         to erupt with the power of rage.
Brush the dust off my hair to glitter.
Bluster it into a gale.
     the frail cobwebs and eight-legged critters
           lying cocooned in their nests.
Let them protest,
     like blind fi
:icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 12 44
I'm drowning in dawnlight
Her pupils glisten – lifeless steel.
Shallow breaths float hesitant
like daybreak breeze along the keel of
a forsaken boat moored in a pool
of vacancy. Her matted mind
strains to recall the silhouettes of souls
and apparitions:
rising haze above the gleaming skin of
river’s limbs. Thawed by dawn
her edges smear cloudy where
the sunrays sketch and scribble.
Dew drops dribble from a
willow’s fingers over
her face in the mirror. The close
draws nearer. Not a murmur to caress
the surface. Nor a
teal to scissor the reflection.
Nothing left to feel but yawning
and engulfing static, a soft glove
she slips slowly into, growing intangible, almost
prismatic. Stems, and leaves, and flowers of dawnlight
shower her motionless
eyelids. No more than a wisp of
life expires from her last breath
as she flows oh so serenely
to her deafening and blinding outfall.
:icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 7 12
Portrait work in progress II by DanielleIvanova Portrait work in progress II :icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 11 37 Shoulder dragon by DanielleIvanova Shoulder dragon :icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 41 46 Zombie queen by DanielleIvanova Zombie queen :icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 18 15
Cold and slimy
You feel my edges,
The tepid touch of sweaty skin
    on lily leaves.
I fidget, throb -
             A fly ensnared,
Wings and neck weak, damp and bare.
Chaos rushing,                     eyes agape.
Chaos closing,                     no escape.
            Legs   and   legs   and   legs
My body under yours confined.
The web u
                                            n  w  i  n   d  
:icondanielleivanova:DanielleIvanova 7 13


by RedPear

First of all I'd like to say just how awesome this painting is! I love the framing with all those pointed rocks and the setting inside ...

Hi, I'm dropping by to continue the Comment tag chain. My tag word is motion which to be honest was a bit of a challenge to pick from y...



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I'd like to dedicate this gorgeous feature to my grandfather - the most wonderful man on earth, for his huge kind heart and his talent at raising the prettiest flowers. With all of my love:

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And my own little addition to this garden (a little shameful self-promotion):

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And by the way, if anyone has been wondering where I went, I've had my roughest exam session to date. I aced all five exams :party: 


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